Cstring library functions

I’m migrating a legacy project from mbedOS 2 to mbedOS 6, and have run into a problem using strlen and other string functions.

The Keil online compiler reported:
Use of undeclared identifier ‘strlen’

There was a suggestion to add #include “cstring” which I did. Did not help. The compiler still flags strlen as an undeclared identifier.

What am I missing?

BTW, the target is a Nucleo F103RB, and I am using the bare-metal OS if that matters.


does it look like this?

When yes, then just try to compile your program because this error is generated by the clang = it is just an intelisence issue. This error can be ignored.
This was reported many times last year, but still no solution.

This is related to Mbed tool (Mbed studio, Keil Studio) and not to MbedOS.

BR, Jan

Thanks for the clarification, Jan. The error looks exactly like you described, so I will ignore it. I’ll keep calm and carry on, in other words. :slight_smile: