Enabling PABoost in SAMR34 with MBedOS

When using MBedOS in SAMR34 Xplained Pro with the following LoRa configuration I am facing the issue with enabling PABoost

Configuration used::

  • Transmission Type : OTAA
  • ADR : Disabled
  • Data Rate : Set to DR_0
  • Delay B/W Transmissions : 0
  • Frequency Band : IN865
  • Payload Size : 10Bytes
  • N/W Server : Chirp Stack


  • Not able to figure out whether the PABoost is enabled or not
  • The RSSI values are around -70 to -90 and not changed even after the rf-switch pin is toggled

How can we enable PABoost in SAMR34 with MBedOS??

PABoost is used when transmit power is needed above +17dBm.

Uplink transmit power is configured by MAC command TxParamSetupReq. But the default TX power should be established by regional PHY layer, to be compliant with regulations for that region