HANI HMI Board - Programming and Documentation


I got my HANI HMI board and would like to start some simple tasks like reading Accel, Gyro data etc. Ma questions are:

  1. How to program the HANI HMI board? Do I need an external programmer or just a USB with Mbed studio is sufficient?
  2. I see Mbed studio has HANI IOT board in the list but not HANI HMI board. Where can I find documentation and other support for HANI HMI board?

Thank you!

As far as I see, that board is not supported. The good news is that the chip itself is supported, and you need to define a new target with correct pin assignments.

I looked ad the HANI Product Brief on their page, and page 8 states:

An external debug probe is required to flash and debug the software; any device supported by NXP
MCUxpresso should work properly, additional instructions for tested interfaces are provided below.

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Thank you!