how to autostart a script on board pico-imx7-technexion

Hi I built mbed-os image with optee_os on boad pico-imx7-technexion
there is no /etc/init.d folder, no rc.local, no /etc/rc5.d … these kind of folders.

How can I autostart a script?

I add my script in /etc/profile, after reboot, not running! I only can ssh to login to trigger it running.

any help?

Hi Peter,

It’s a bit unclear to me, are you using Mbed OS or Mbed Linux OS, if it’s the former, it’s not a Linux-based OS.


hi sayhuhut,
Thank you very mcuh
I think I use Mbed Linux OS.
now I find the solution.
the skills,such as /etc/init.d folder, no rc.local, no /etc/rc5.d, are old.
now I think use systemd to startup code

I follow the guide here. it works now.