How to pass data from RTOS task to Model in MVP pattern. STM32F469I-DISCO

Hi all
Currently, I’m working with IDE TouchFGXDesigner in a STM32F469I DISCO module, this kind of system feature a Model View Presenter pattern and a RTOS, so, I’m trying to get some data from hardware (for instance a value in an ADC pin) in order to be processed into MVP model, to do that I’m using a task through RTOS that periodically read the data from hardware pin, my problem is how to carry out this data to the Model in this system. On one hand I have reach read the data in a task periodically in a thread running into the FreeRTOS and on the other hand the model has the data class prepared to be refresh from the task, but I don’t find the way to communicate both world. Waiting for your help.
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I am not sure this is the best forum for your question, because this is for asking questions about how to use Mbed OS and no FreeRTOS or RTOS.

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Thank you

Thank you