Https:// is not correctly updated on "Internet Explorer 11"

Hi ,

I am trying to follow the to try the mbed-client-examples in link below:

But when I use “Internet Explorer 11” to access “”, the connected devices are not updated correctly.

For example, in attached Connector_withIE.png

. I tried to use 3 different device security credentials. But IE only shows the first time and it does not update on the 2nd and 3rd time.
But with Chrome, I can see all the 3 device security credentials. Please see attached connector_withChrome.png.

It seems that the connector website is not working well on IE. Could you please help to check?


Hi Nick,

We will study this issue and fix it in case it is needed. Thanks a lot for your report.


I have tested this with 4 devices and in both ie and chrome I was able to see those devices without a trouble. If you could recreate the issue could you please post network messages you see on the browser console.

I had a look on what’s going on with IE, and it seems IE is claiming it did a ajax request after clicking refresh, and got a response of 304 Not Modified in under 1 ms. Well, that sounds fishy. After setting up some caching preventing headers in test environment, even IE started to actually send the request every time Refresh button was clicked. We’ll be doing some more testing to make sure everything else still works and (if yes) update production server with the new caching parameters. I’ll post a comment when that’s done.

The updated configuration is in place now, and even IE should be behaving better now.

Hi Jyrki,

It works.
After power off the device, I can see the device disappear from even on IE.