Image processing library (opencv) is giving linking errors while compiling with mbed-os 5.15.2

I need to detect blur images for that I am using opencv( library. I have imported two libraries in my project mbed-os 5.15.2 and opencv(main tip).

I am getting following errors while building the code in Mbed Studio.

Kindly suggest some solution.
Thanks in advance.

It looks like the libs opencv and opencv2 are missing. The main does not import them automatically.

Thanks for you reply.
Can you please tell me more from where I can include opencv and opencv2 libraries into my project?

Sorry, my assumption was that opencv/2 were external libries. But they are just subdirectories of the project, so it should work when importing the main program.

Yeah, it should work because all the necessary header file paths are correct, also the namespaces are correct. Still it is giving the errors. Please suggest some solution or is it the code issue from the repo itself.