Keil Studio not halting at main() in Debug

I have the “Run to Main” preference set for the Debug mode.

Some programs halt at main when debugging, but others halt here:

int $Super$$main(void);
int $Sub$$main(void)
{    <------------------------------------ halts here ----------------------
    mbed_stack_isr_start = (unsigned char *) Image$$ARM_LIB_STACK$$ZI$$Base;
    mbed_stack_isr_size = (uint32_t) Image$$ARM_LIB_STACK$$ZI$$Length;
    mbed_heap_start = (unsigned char *) Image$$ARM_LIB_HEAP$$ZI$$Base;
    mbed_heap_size = (uint32_t) Image$$ARM_LIB_HEAP$$ZI$$Length;

Is there some preference I’m missing?


Thank you for your observation. This has now been reproduced and has been raised in our defect management system. It will be looked into in due course.

Kanthan - Studio Team

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