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MBedtls delegating encryption to external library for DTLS

Hi everyone. We currently use MBedTLS for our cryptographic needs including hashing, authentication via certificates, as we ll as TLS for curl requests. We support many platforms including game consoles such as Playstation, XBox, and Nintendo Switches…

We are currently in the process of implementing DTLS using MBedTLS and have learnt that Microsoft will no longer support esxternal libraries for encryption on some of their SDKs. We are given the option of either using OpenSSL or a framework such as MBedTLS that uses Bcrypt for encryption.

We would like to keep using MBedTLS as it is in place and it works, and are hoping to only have to delegate encryption to Bcrypt libraries on the small (but important) subset of platforms.

From conversations I have had this should be doable though the config. Is that correct? Can I get some advice please? Steps to achieve this?