NUCLEO-H743ZI2 RTOS support (Mbed OS 6)

Hey everybody,

I’m selecting a platform for a new project and I’ve just dived into mbed. I’m interested in running
so called ‘full profile’ with RTOS functionalities. Boards that i’m looking at are NUCLEO-H743ZI2
and NUCLEO-F767ZI. While the former has more memory and power under the hood - which is great
for prototyping purposes - I’m a little bit confused, as it is NOT included into search results when i check
the ‘RTOS’ box in the list of supported development boards. Description included for the box (‘Support
for RTOS for MCUs that have enough memory’) is even more confusing as F7 board is listed there in spite
of smaller resources.

Although I couldn’t find any informations about what the ‘RTOS’ checkbox exactly means i’ve managed
to compile a simple example code for the H7 target using API supported only in the ‘full profile’. It makes
me thinking that the list of supported boards is just out-of-date, but I’d like to be sure before placing an
order. I will appreciate every bit of information that can make this situation clearer for me :slight_smile:


yes, you are right the info on the list seems to be wrong or more exactly, are not complete.
The RTOS box mean full profile of MbedOS.
But when you check Ethernet box the board is listed and Ethernet is not available without full MbedOS.

BR, Jan

Thank you very much :wink: