Sd cards without Library

Does anyone knows of a tutorial or a post that shows how to code for an SD card without the use of a library. For example, I Have used third party libraries to program my 2x16 LCD display. However, I have been able to create my own library using the datasheet for said display.

PD: I have searched for libraries for SD cards, nonetheless, the effort was futile. Prehaps, it is because I was expecting something like “1000101 > is the initialization of the sd card”. I already know that the protocole communication is SPI and my intentions with it is to read and write information to later use in a graph or to save it even if the power of the IC turns off.


sd card spi mode commands - Google Search

However, this is forum for Mbed OS and things around it, not general counseling.

SDBlockDevice - API references and tutorials | Mbed OS 6 Documentation

BR, Jan