STM board quick connect tutorial SD card not showing

Hi all

I’m following the quick connect tutorial and I’m on step 3 involving the SD card on this page. The board I’m using is the L475E-IOT1A.

According to the guide you wire up the SD module, plug the device into your pc and it shows up as external storage. I have followed that and checked the wiring of the module several times. I’ve also confirmed the SD modules works with an Arduino, but it doesn’t show up as external storage. Am I missing something? Do I need to flash some firmware to the board first?

Any help would be appreciated

Hi Michael,

This example is using the SD card to store the certificate, not mount it to your PC. In your case, you should be able to see DIS_L4IOT or DAPLINK mounted to your PC. If not, try to upgrade the interface firmware to the latest, the link is here .