Unable to override standard string descriptors in class inheriting from USBHID

I’m trying to implement a custom HID Joystick ontop of USBHID, and I need to set the Manufacturer/Product/Serial strings.

What I tried:

class HIDJoystick: public USBHID {
protected: // USBDevice declares them public, but USBHID overrides the product protected, so figured I se that too
    virtual const uint8_t *string_imanufacturer_desc(); // those are *literally* copypasted from USBHID
    virtual const uint8_t *string_iproduct_desc();
    virtual const uint8_t *string_iserial_desc();

const uint8_t *HIDJoystick::string_imanufacturer_desc()
    static const uint8_t string_imanufacturer_descriptor[] = {
        '.', 0, 'd', 0, 'e', 0, '.', 0, 'n', 0, 'o', 0, 'n', 0, 'c', 0, 'h', 0, 'i', 0, 'p', 0,
    return string_imanufacturer_descriptor;
//and so on

given USBHID also just overrides that virtual function from USBDevice, I would expect this to work, but when connecting my host sees:

[506805.228843] usb 1-11: Product: HID DEVICE
[506805.228845] usb 1-11: Manufacturer: mbed.org

the HID DEVICE is what USBHID overrides (USBDevice defines the string USB DEVICE), the mbed.org comes from USBDevice, and nothing I set in my class has any effect.

yeah turns out i couldn’t read:

Derived classes must use this constructor and call init() or connect() themselves.

used the wrong one, it called connect for me, which set up all the this wrong

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