Will V3.0 have more compiler functions?

I would like to have more compiler functions available, for instance, to be able to set Flash/Ram sizes for different verities of the same MCU and to be able to set the program load/start position in Flash. Clearly this would be using an external ‘Flasher’ rather than the platforms integrated interface MCU.

Will this be available in some form on V3.0?

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Hi there,

We are working on a completely new IDE for v3.

It will all be based around yotta, so for these kinds of build toolchain features I would suggest to create a github feature request on https://github.com/ARMmbed/yotta/issues.


Thanks Dan, I have popped a suggestion there, nothing too complicated, hopefully it will be considered.

Hello, dan

Is it a on-line compiler like v2 or a standalone application like KEIL or IAR?
What is the compiler used by this IDE? Actually, yotta is a little bit hard to get started for mcu developers.