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Add git hash of project repository to source code as text


I have a project in a git repository and I would like to get the git hash into the source so it can be queried later.

I can pass
-DGITVERSION=\"$(git describe --abbrev=6 --dirty --always --tags)\"
to mbed compile command but I would like to define the macro in one of the configuration files (mbed_app.json).
I added a macro definition in mbed_app.json like this

    "config": {
        "gitver": {
            "help": "Project git version",
            "value": "\"$(git describe --abbrev=6 --dirty --always --tags)\"",
            "macro_name": "GITVERSION"

but the git describe command is not executed and just the text of the value field is asigned to GITVERSION.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Hello Fabián,

I’m afraid neither the online compiler nor the Mbed Studio support custom commands. Nor does the mbed-cli tool let you do it directly (run mbed compile -h to check for all available options). That’s why to run more commands in sequence (pre-build + build + post-build) I usually create a batch file. For example:


git describe --abbrev=6 --dirty --always --tags
mbed compile ...

Best regards, Zoltan

Thanks Zoltan.

I wanted to avoid the use of a script but for now there is no alternative.