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I created small application on Android that uses Pelion Device Management to control a resource on a remote device. I see that Pelion Cloud SDK doesn’t work reliably. The same code in desktop Java and Python command line utilities work fine. This makes me thinking that the problem is not in cloud and not quite in Java SDK, but rather in how the code works in Java machine on Android device. The problem itself is similar to initial one in this thread. My question is [yet] non technical: is there any plan to support SDK for Android? I can proceed with exceptions, logs, sources, description of my experiments and my thoughts and guesses, but before I’d like to hear if SDK developers have intention to bring SDK to the shape it runs on Android as well.

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Hi Roman,

There is currently no plan to support SDK for Android. However, just using the REST APIs directly from Android would work fine.


Hi @rgezikov,

Sorry for the late reply.
Could you give us more details about the problem your are facing? Could you share some code or tell us more about which bit of the SDK is not reliably working on Android? Could you also tell us which version of the SDK and of Android you are using? Could you lastly ensure you have the right permissions set up in the Android Manifest i.e. <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
The SDK is not specifically tested or packaged for Android, however it was made in such a way that it should run without problem on this platform and with the same behaviour as on usual JVM. It indeed uses under-the-hood popular okHttp and Retrofit HTTP clients which support well this mobile platform, on which they are heavily used. The other library the SDK is based on is RxJava and it is also well supported on Android.
Is the problem you are facing related to communication and interaction with devices? If so, the problem may be due to the underlying service. The latest SDK version is using a websocket implementation whereas previous versions were using long polling. It would be worth checking that the problem you are facing is not related to the underlying communication channel. For that purpose, could you run your code with the last but one released SDK i.e. 2.4.0 (

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