Application partitioning

Hello, I am new and looking for an RTOS.

Does mbed kernel supports execution of multiple binaries on a single uC core under control of mbed. I am looking for something similar to a very simplistic time and space segregation solution. Sometimes also called modules or partitions. The main focus is not security. Moreover independent developing, versioning, testing and deployment of separate binaries. I am looking for something that includes the following elements:

  1. The platform core binary :
  • Contains the RTOS implementation.
  • Contains services and all drivers.
  • Exports functionality usable by application logic binaries.
  • Can be developed, versioned, tested, deployed without compile time or runtime dependency to any application logic binary. This with the exception that during initialization time, the platform core binary detects and starts a present application logic binary. During runtime the platform core binary schedules tasks within the application logic binaries.
  1. A application logic binary :
  • Contains application logic.
  • Has no direct access to peripherals.
  • Can be developed, versioned, deployed without access to source code or object code used to create the platform core binary.
  • Can use at runtime functionality provided by the platform binary.
  • Shall be replaceable within deployment. This includes: Product variant binaries, OEM binaries and end customer created binaries.

The following figure might help what we try to achieve:

Thanks for help

Mbed only supports single binary applications. Is there any RTOS which supports this approach at all? Why not choose Linux instead?