Arduino nano ble 33

Hi ,

I was trying to bring up i2s with dma in arduino nano 33 ble which is based on mbed os
,nrf52840 processor .I am facing issue when interrupt handler for i2s(i.e nrfx_i2s_irq_handler(void)) , Can anyone help me with this?

when the interrupt is generated Arduino nano 33 ble is not at all responding , assuming its jumping to hard-fault handler. I was looking for the startup_nrf52840. S file to check if i2s_irq_handler is mapped in vector table .I couldn’t find the startup_nrf52840. S inside mbed package provided by Arduino .

Pls help me to resolve this issue on

  1. where I can find the startup_nrf52840. S in mbed package provided by mbed ?
    2)is i2s_irq_handler mapped for arduino nano 33 ble?
    3)how i can properly call interrupts using handler as i couldnt find any examples for
    arduino nano 33 ble with interrupts other than gpio?

Can you post some Mbed code that you are using and indicate where you are experiencing an issue.
Would you also indicate the target platform that your are using from this page and Mbed-os version and if using on-line, studio or cli.