Auto reboot via platform.fatal-error-auto-reboot-enabled not working


I have my mbed_app.json configured as follows:

"target_overrides": {
        "*": {
            "platform.crash-capture-enabled"            : true,
            "platform.fatal-error-auto-reboot-enabled"  : true,
            "platform.error-reboot-max"                 : 10,

Yet, the system does not auto-reboot after a crash. See log:

++ MbedOS Error Info ++
Error Status: 0x80FF0100 Code: 256 Module: 255
Error Message: Fatal Run-time error
Location: 0x1643
Error Value: 0x0
Current Thread: main Id: 0x20002C38 Entry: 0x480B StackSize: 0x1000 StackMem: 0x20003F80 SP: 0x20004D90
For more info, visit:
-- MbedOS Error Info --
MCP23008::write_register: Missing ACK for write

I’m not sure else what I can do here. From what I’ve read that should be all that is needed. Any help would be appreciated.


then try to first method from this

BR, Jan