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B-L475E-IOT01A1 and Dragino LoRa Shield for TTN

Hi everyone,

I’ve just started with mbed OS and have been working with Arduino for a couple of years.

I recently bought a STM32 DISCO B-L475E-IOT01A and would like to add LoRaWAN so that I can connect my project to TTN. I’ve seen support for the Semtech shields, but these are >$100 and more than the main board. I have a couple of spare Dragino Lora Shield v1.4 from previous arduino projects here and hoped I could use these instead. (Lora Shield - Wiki for Dragino Project)

I can see that the STM32 board supports Uno R3 pins but haven’t seen any dedicated libraries for it. Would it be possible to modify the Semtech shield pin mapping or is it a bigger job (i’m just a beginner but keen to learn). Has anyone integrated these two boards?

Any direction or advice would be much appreciated. i’m not sure where to start.