Basic serial communications example doesn't work on Arm Cortex M7 FVP

Hi All. I’m trying to get this serial communications example from mbed ( - the “Echo back characters you type” example) running on an Arm FVP (FVP_MPS2_Cortex-M7 - the 11.10 version). This code runs as expected on a physical board (STM NUCLEO-F746ZG) but on the FVP, it hangs as soon as it tries to read from BufferedSerial.

Hi Grant,

have you checked if the FVP is actually an Mbed enabled board

If it isn’t then it will never have been tested or ported to Mbed. If it hasn’t been ported, you can have a go at doing so yourself using this guide:


Hi Anna,

Just to clarify, the FVP is an Arm Fixed Virtual Platform (or Fast Model) and according to this page it is supported.

The problem specifically seems to be with the BufferedSerial class. If I change BufferedSerial to UnbufferedSerial in that example, and surround the with an if (pc.readable()) { ... block, then it works on the FVP. The problem is I don’t believe using an UnbufferedSerial will work with the application I need to get working (from a little test I did, it looks like it drops bytes).


Hi Grant,

You are right, I can reproduce your problem. I think this have nothing to do with BufferedSerial/UnbufferedSerial drivers.
But related with fast model’s UART modelling. the UART model get overrun and not responding while send/received request to fast.
I assume UnbufferredSerial somehow fire less read/write requests , hence UART still in function , but BufferredSerial will overrun the UART immediately.

Internally we noticed this and raised a ticket regarding this issue

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