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Build from the command line

Using the terminal in Mbed Studio, I’m trying to write a batch script (Windows 10) to automate some builds to speed up my marking.

I am building each project using the following:

mbed compile -t ARMC6 --profile .\mbed-os\tools\profiles\debug.json

This seems to work fine. However, when I click the run button in Build or Run icon in Mbed Studio, it insists on building everything again.

Am I missing a step?


Hi Nicholas,

No, you are not missing anything. Studio adds one extra parameter to profile when building from UI. Unfortunately, Mbed OS build tools detects even the smallest change in profile and insist on compiling a program from a clean state. We will look at what we can do about it. The added argument does not affect the created program binary.

Arek - Mbed Studio team

Ah ok. I hoped it was something that simple. If I may ask, do you happen to know the additional parameter(s) I need?

I’m about to have a lot of assignments to mark and I’d like to run an overnight build :slight_smile:

Many thanks


Is there a way using GCC ARM in Mbed Studio to enable parallel make such as make -j6?

I’m building on Windows and I recently switched from ARM6 compiler to GCC for debugging purposes and the build process is MUCH slower. And it seems like only one compilation unit is being compiled at a time.

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