CAN hello world

I was trying to operate my Mbed with CAN,
and I used CAN hello, world! in my F746ZG.
But the program just run only three times then stop without transceive/receive CANMessage,
even when I changes to use in LPC1768.
Does anyboby get the same problem? or where can I find the solution?
CAN hello,world


that usually happens when CAN bus wiring is not correct.

For wires connection reference - CAN_Hello - Using CAN bus with (not just NUCLEO) mbed boards | Mbed

  • CAN-BUS controller (onboard) TX → TX CAN-BUS transceiver
  • CAN-BUS controller (onboard) RX → RX CAN-BUS transceiver
  • two terminators (120 Ω each) between CAN-H and CAN-L

BR, Jan