Communicating with the USB host shield for keyboard

Hi, I’m having a trouble on compiling the code, i used USBHostKeyboard_HelloWorld to communicate with the USB Host Shield, But I can’t compile it. It appear the error “Error: Fatal error: C3903U: Argument ‘Cortex-M4.fp.sp’ not permitted for option ‘cpu’.” thats the error. I already done Revision but it doesn’t work, I use the Arduino USB host shield , I connect SPI pins of the usb host shield to Nucleo but it didn’t work with the code.

This is the code that I use :

I already use some codes but it didn’t work either.

My project is if whatever I type on the keyboard it displays with the “lcd 16x2”. Help me with this problem.

By the way my board is Nucleo F303RE


  • the library what you posed is for on-chip USB interfaces (ST) not for an external device like is a MAX3421EE
  • anyway, how you can see here, that library does not contain F3 series.

Tips -possible solutions:

  • rework an Arduino library for the USB Host Shield to the Mbed.
  • switch to the Arduino and run the Nucleo under the Arduino (STM32duino). That probably allow you use a library for the USB Host Shield
  • or try to reproduce something like this.

BR, Jan

I try using Arduino with stm32 nucleo F303RE but when I compile the program i receive a error.

What I totally work is to communicate usb host shield with nucleo F303RE , the interface of usb host shield is a barcode scanner, and I research it barcode scanner and keyboard library is compatible with each other.

The running condition I want is when i scan the barcode, it appears with the display lcd 16x2 but sad to say the code wont work.

How can I rework arduino library for USB host shield to Mbed or how can I transfer it to Mbed

I’m new with the Nucleo board and Mbed