Connecting two Mbed OS dev boards to each other via WiFi- Connection Failed :(


I’m currently trying to complete a project in which I need to connect two uBlox evk Odin W2 dev boards together via WiFi. One is set up as a host, and the other as a client.

For the client I have simply used this socket example, which prints out the visible access points & tries to connect to the one specified in its json file.

For the host, I’ve used this wifi ap example, which sets up an odin as an echo server. Notably, Odin W2 does not support DHCP server mode while in Access Point mode.

Both of these programs work fine on their own- The host can be connected to via PuTTY, and the client will connect fine to my work & home networks. However, they will not connect to each other.

I am very much not knowledgeable on how exactly WiFi devices communicate, But I believe that the lack of DHCP on the echo server is causing problems for the client, as I don’t think it can obtain the IP address of the other Odin without it- but I don’t know how to fix this.

Could anyone offer some advice? Thank you.


I am not sure but when DHCP is not supported then maybe static IP for client side could be a solution.

BR, Jan