Debugging unittests in vscode


This might be a question for vscode forums but I am not sure I fully understand the unittesting framework so trying to get advice from here first.

I am trying to debug unittests in vscode. I understand the basic framework as decribed here (Mbed TLS tests guidelines - Knowledge Base - Mbed TLS (Previously PolarSSL)) but I am not very familiar with perl. I see that I can run unittests using ctest or by executing individual binaries of test suites. I can even create a debug task in vscode for individual test-suite binaries and step through each line in the .function files. However, I can not place breakpoints in the .function files. Does anyone know what is the proper way to debug mbedtls unittests in vscode?

Environment: VSCODE on windows with remote development (ssh-based connection) on ubuntu