Defining Timing Callback Functions for mbed-RTOS to support DTLS

I studied a lot of conversations on different forums about dtls and found out that mbed community is not that much actively participating in developing a formal solution for datagram security implementation on mbed platforms. Maybe it is because of the unreliability issue in udp protocol which is far less important (if it is) than its lightweight structure/header especially when using [dlts+psk] rather than [dtls+cert.].
It could serve as a good alternative.

Hi @ImranBilalButt
Mbed TLS supports DTLS, and it supports PSK based ciphersuites.
I suggest you look at and at the example applications for dtls_server and dtls_client, in .
These are example applications for a desktop machine, however they can be migrated to Mbed OS.
Mbed TLS Team member