Does Mbed OS run natively on the PC?

Does Mbed OS run natively on the PC?

In other words, can I create an application, link it with the Mbed OS and create a Windows EXE file?

And if so, is there a Visual Studio Solution available?



Simple answer: no

While there’s no official way to do this, I actually did work on a project to create this for a while: GitHub - USCRPL/mbed-benchtest: Tools for testing your Mbed OS applications without ever leaving the bench. Collaboration with MIT Rocket Team.

We managed to create a complete copy of the RTX kernel that builds for Windows and Linux and can run multithreaded apps. IIRC, it’s able to pass the RTX test suite and the Mbed event queue one. However, it’s missing a lot of the other features you’d want out of something like this, such as the ability to simulate sensor values, do IO, etc. Maybe someday we’ll try to add that.

Seems to be so. And the link is helpful, indeed.