ECDSA Signature generation and verification failed on building on MSP430 MCU

We are successfully able to Generate and Verify the signature on windows & Linux OS on our PC. But When using it on Micro Controllers (MSP430F6779),
The Signature generation is taking very long time on " Steps 1-3: on generate a suitable ephemeral keypair". Can any one suggest any solution to reduce the time taken.
The Signature verification process taking long time and failing finally. (Taking long time on “Prepare precomputed points: if P == G we want to use grp->T if already initialized, or initialize it.”)
Does any one ported the Mbed TLS library on any 32 bit micro controllers. Any special care or optimization need to run on micro controllers on designing RT applications.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @karnaVivekK
Thank you f or your question!

I would suggest you look at the following articles and posts that may assist you on optimizing your ECC operation:

Mbed TLS Support