Error : Unknown type name 'EventQueue'

I have a 600-line program developed under Mbed Studio with the Mbed-os 6.2 baremetal library. This program usesEventQueue. It was working until this morning an hour ago I wanted to reload it in the target, a Nucleo-F446RE, but Mbed Studio gives me this error : Unknown type name 'EventQueue'clang (unknown_typename). I add #include "mbed_events.h" (whereas before it worked without), the error disappears but the program does not work (the LED on the NUCLEO flashes alternating with 2 frequencies).
Do you have any idea where the problem comes from?
thank you,

Don’t look too hard, I just realized that I forgot to redeclare my program as an active program.
That said, that doesn’t explain why when I make another program active in Mbed Studio the error Unknown type name 'EventQueue'clang (unknown_typename) appears?

Hi Marc,

We understand that it may be confusing. C/C++ intellisense in Studio works only for an active program in version 1.3.0. Studio team updated recently a clangd version and IDE can now support intellisense for all programs in the workspace. It will be enabled soon.

Arek - Mbed Studio team

Thanks for your reply