Failed to start debug for nRF52-DK

Using Nordic nRF52-DK and mbed-os-example-blinky-5 project trying start debug and get “timeout waiting for gdb server to start”. Does mbed support debug for nRF52-DK board?


Debug is provided via build tool so what a build tool do you use?
However Nordic nRF52-DK - Firmware Update | Mbed is recommended as a first step.

BR, Jan

I tried unsuccessfully download 0254_sam3u2c_mkit_dk_dongle_nrf5x_0x5000.bin from the link you’ve provided.
While holding reset and plugging to USB debug port it does not mount as BOOTLOADER or MAINTENANCE, stays as JLINK drive.
This is README.TXT from JLINK drive, it is dated 11/17/2014:
SEGGER J-Link MSD volume.
This volume is used to update the flash content of your target device.

I am using Mbed Studio 1.4.4:

Also when I tried to drag and drop the bin file, the FAIL.TXT is generated:
The currently active SWD interface does not support MSD drag and drop