Firmware Update on LPC1768 MINI DK2 board

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I would like to update firmware on LPC1768 MINI DK2 board which apparently does not support drag and drop updates.

Could you advice on either alternative ways to update firmware or, if possible, enabling drag and drop on the said board?

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This is a nice board, but it does not have the Mbed HDK or debug probe hardware on board. This is necessary for the drag & drop functionality. The LPC1768 has a bootloader in ROM, but you need some flash tool for programming.

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The mbed LPC1768 board is, in addition to the main LPC1768 MCU, equipped with another microcontroller denoted as IC6 on page 3 of the schematics. The firmware for this auxiliary processor is stored in the AT45DB161D flash memory (see page 1 on the schematics). As I know NXP never disclosed what this additional microcontroller is.

After checking the schematic of your board I did not find any additional processor neither an AT45DB161D flash memory. So I’m afraid there is no firmware running on your board to be updated :slightly_frowning_face: .

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I am successfully using Flash Magic and lpc21isp to write .hex files in ROM.

However, this concerns .if file here:

Will the procedure be similar to .hex programming?

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Long shot question: Can something else be used in place the auxiliary processor? for example some external device like other board, phone, server ect?


That’s a good question. Since NXP, in order to prevent cloning of the Mbed LPC1768 board, did not disclose any information about IC6 the only feasible way seems an external DAPLink programming/debugging board. I’ve already purchased this one on Ali Express but had no luck to make it work on Linux (I don’t use MS Windows). It doesn’t seem to support drag&drop programming but should enable debugging.

However, there are available other DAPLink interfaces enabling drag&drop programming.

For example:

Thank you for the suggestions, so the DAPLink interfaces you mention could potentially work with MINI DK2 board to enable drag&drop on it?

Would you have recommendations for the board with LPC1788 or LPC4088 that would facilitate drag&drop or be optimal for DAPLink interfacing.

The main applications I’m interested in is WebUSB and real-time communication with the PC.

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