Flash new firmware from .bin file remotely


I’m using a Nucleo-f767ZI and I’m wondering if it’s possible to update the firmware (.bin file) that is available on a server. The ability of the program to upgrade itself.
I saw some examples like (https://os.mbed.com/users/shintamainjp/code/FirmwareUpdater/) but it doesn’t seem to apply to my board ( not a LPC1768 ).
Did someone already done such a thing ?


ARM’s Pelion Device Management service offers OTA update and is probably the easiest to integrate into Mbed OS: https://www.pelion.com/docs/device-management/current/updating-firmware/index.html

It is fee-based if you are planning to deploy on a large scale. Otherwise there is no standard solution, since there are many back-end providers and protocols to choose from, and the technology is relatively new.

I do that daily…

Yes but in my cas, as said, I’m not using a LPC1768. And it seems to work only with it.
That’s why I’m looking for a method of updating firmware from remote on Nucleo-f767ZI.