FRDM K64F PWM pin usage

FRDM K64F have something wrong with the definition of pins for PWM. D port is usable for this, Port C is not - when unit starts with uploaded SW with improper allocation it blinks and sends error code which is meaningless. Document do not set any prerequisites on using port C.
For me it was not a problem but is something that either have quick solution or is just worth mentioning…

Hi Waldemar,

Do all the pins of port C have the same problems? Could it be caused by the pin mux doesn’t be configured well?


To be honest I have only checked on 2 or 3 - those that are easy for usage on the FRDM board I use.
I presume you are right - there is some sort of misconfiguration - anyway the configuration part is ‘hidden’ from the user so I have no option but to report an issue and use other ports ;<