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FRDM_K64F + X_NUCLEO_IHM02A1 (Dual Stepper Motor Control Expansion Board)

Hi mbed ladies and gentleman’s,

I try to use ST X_NUCLEO_IHM02A1 expansion board for XY plotter with 2 stepper motors with NXP FRDM_K64F board

And, when I try to run “Hello world” for this extension board I got error, what is over me.
But with NUCLEO_F401 I have no issue.

Error: Typedef redefinition with different types (‘enum status_t’ vs ‘std::int32_t’ (aka ‘int’)) in “X_NUCLEO_IHM02A1/Components/Common/component_def.h”, Line: 89, Col: 3

in module: component_def.h

typedef enum
} status_t;

can you help me with this?

thank you.


the error says to you about the typedef status_t are declared at two places

I do not know what is simplest but a solution may be to rename all occurrences status_t to some different name in the library of X-Nucleo.

BR, Jan

Thank you Jan, that’s help.