How can I get the RAM & ROM size of the mbed application using

As title, I create a project but i want to know how many size of RAM & ROM were used.
How can I find out these information in my project folder?

Check out your application source directory/build/target/source. There you have among other files your application’s MAP file.
You can calculate the ROM & RAM usage from that file based on this:
Flash = data + text
RAM = data + bss

More e.g. from here:

Hi amveeq,

I’ve already counted the ROM & RAM resource usage of mbed OS, Thanks of your great suggestion.
But I was surprised that usage of mbed OS just used 25KB FLASH ROM size, is that true or I counted wrong?

I calculate tip is write a empty app_start code with frdm-k64f target, and it included mbed.h files then build it.
is the tip do the right calculate result, or some resource of mbed os is not included it?

How big did you expected the size to be? :smile:
25kB with just a dummy app seems to be in the right ballpark.

You can see from your app source/yotta_modules/ which libraries are part of your application. Of course the stuff which is compiled in also depends on your target definition (e.g. in your case frdm-k64f). For your basic dummy app there should be pretty much just the drivers and some basic libs, so the size is quite small. If you create a “real” app using more functionalities like connectivity etc. it starts to add up. You can easily see the impact for example while playing with some of the example applications available in the mbedOS Git.