How get time and date from timestamp

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I am trying to get date and time from a timestamp number and show it in my local time zone. This timestamp is got from a JSON data. Which is the correct way to do that? I was seeing time API but I ended up a little bit confused.

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I don’t understand how it’s related to mbed, it sounds like a general c++ question that should be asked on stackoverflow (if it’s not already answered there).

Can you show us the timestamp? And also the expected output, with formatting if any.

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Hi, my question was about how to use Time API from mbed in order to get the the date and time from timestamp (ex 1612841919) in my localtimezone or diferent UTC.

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time_t c = 1612841919;
auto date = ctime( &c );
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thanks for your reply. Finally I implemented the code below and works but still with problems. The output that gives me Mbed when I compiled and run code in LPC1768 is “10/2/21,1:42:57” but when I run the same code in a C++ online compiler is “10/02/21,01:42:57”. In numbers less than 10, strftime is not adding left zero value and I need the second format. Is there a simple way to do that? because in documentation the function with these format options should work. Thanks for your help

#define UTC    -3
char dateTimeString[20];
time_t timestampDataInt = 0;
timestampDataInt = (time_t)atoll("1612932177")-abs(UTC*3600);
time_t infoTime = timestampDataInt;
strftime(dateTimeString, 20, "%d/%m/%y,%T",localtime(&infoTime));