How to Access to NOR FLASH(25V1635F) of EMW3166

I want to connect to NOR FLASH(25V1635F) ,included EMW3166 of AZ3166 , by QSPI .
But, MTB_MXCHIP_EMW3166 of Mbed OS doesn’t support QSPI.
Please teach me how to connect it using QSPI Library of Mbed OS.

Hi Shundai,

as support for this board has been dropped for Mbed OS 6 it is unlikely that QSPI will be added. However,
you may well be able to add the support for your own use, though this would have to be based on the 5.15 code base. This may help:


Thank you for replaying.
I tryed to Mbed Custom Board of Mbed OS 5.15 using this code
If I add

"device_has_add": ["QSPI"],

to “custom_target.json”,
Is it possible ?

HI obviously your board has to support QSPI in the first place and then to add it you would have to make the corresponding changes. Take a look at this PR for an idea of how to add support (obviously you would have to tailor the pins etc for your particular board).

Thank you.
I roughly understand.