how to attach 2 or more kvstore_main_instances to kv_map

In mbed-os/features/storage/kvstore/KVMap.h has the following macro
I think this macro defines the max number of kvstore_main_instances attached to KVMap.
But in kv_config.cpp

static kvstore_config_t kvstore_config;

and all the _ storage_config_XXXXAPIs,such as
int _storage_config_filesystem_common()

                       ret =kv_map.attach(STR(MBED_CONF_STORAGE_DEFAULT_KV),& kvstore_config);

just can define only one kvstore_main_instance with the default partition name"/kv/",what if I need to define two or more kvstore_main_instances whose partition name should be different?
Can I modify the APIs such as
int _storage_config_filesystem_common()
in kv_config.cpp?

Thank for reporting this, refer this one to mbed-os/issues/12881


there is no answer and solution yet