How to configure to change SPI clock pin in mbed-os-mesh-minimal?

I am trying to use WiSUN application based on mbed-os-mesh-minimal project.
X-NUCLEO-S2915A1 is used as a RF module.
According to document, connections of X-NUCLEO-S2915A1 should be changed for SPI clock.
(Default SPI clock pin is PA5 in Nucleo CPU board, but X-NUCLEO-S2915A1 uses PB3 for SPI clock.)
I want to use PB3 as SPI clock pin in Nucleo CPU board.
How do I configure for it?
I modified the mbed_app.json of the project, but failed…

Answer could depend on the NUCLEO, but as an example, see
SPI1_CLOCK is set by default to D13 (PA5) but there is often some issue due to LED connected to the same pin.
You can see that SPI1_CLOCK is also available in D3 (PB3). This seems to be the default configuration used for RF module.
About mbed_app.json, it depends how the RF module MBED lib is developped…