How to publish a new development board series to Mbedos?


If I want to publish a new series, how do I publish it to the mbed os official website? What resources do I need to prepare?


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Can you give us some more details please? Which development boards have you ported Mbed OS to?

Hello, JoeA.

Well, I want to release a new series of development boards, which are the APM32F4xx series development boards represented by Geehy manufacturers. I would like to know what information I need to prepare if I adapt this series of development boards in mbedos and want to publish them to the Mbedos official website? What is the charging standard for publishing to mbedos official website, and what is the specific publishing process?


Have you completed the porting work already as described here: Port process overview - Porting | Mbed OS 6 Documentation?

According to this document, I have completed part of the content, but it is still not completed yet. At present, I want to first understand some information needed to publish to the official website and other aspects of this aspect, so as to prepare for subsequent releases.

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About source code upstream, it’s still available to send PR for new target, such like as: Add target support for XDOT_MAX32670 by felser · Pull Request #15458 · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub

After source code merged, the developer could download from git-hub & utilize/build mbed-os software stack for your development board by CLI or Keil Studio. For developing purpose, it’s enough.

For promotion purpose, it needs ARM-team to publish board page at Development boards | Mbed.

If a new development board is released, do I need to design a development board specifically for the mbedos series?