How to read Servo (PWM) signal

I need to be able to read the value of 2 servo inputs.
I was not able to find any question about this or any library for this task.

Please share how can this be achieved within MBED OS.


MbedOs provides only PwmOut API, with this it is possible to set and read the set values.
MbedOs does not provide any API for reading PWM, but there exist a simple community library - PwmIn - An interface to read a PWM input signal, using In… | Mbed

PwmIn library, Errorhandling? - Arm Mbed OS support forum

BR, Jan

Thanks for the very very fast reply :slight_smile:
I will give it a try and update…

Does the PwmIn library work? I tried using it but got no results as it is a old library, unless I was doing something wrong.