How to read the value of target.header_offset and target.app_offset settings in mbed_app.json in the firmware code?

I have the following value set in the mbed_app.json for my specific target and I can access this value set in mbed_app.json in my code using “POST_APPLICATION_ADDR” macro variable.

target.restrict_size" : “0x‭‭11000”

So I was wondering if there is way to access the following values mentioned below using any pre-defined mbed-os macro variable?

“target.header_offset” : “0x‭‭11000”,
“target.app_offset” : “0x‭‭13000”

Also we are using mbed-os-5.15.5.


That should be a created macro, you can check BUILD/mbed_config.h.

Thanks Johannes for taking the time to respond. However I don’t see those macro’s show up in the mbed_config.h. I don’t see the POST_APPLICATION_ADDR which maps to target.restrict_size either in the mbed_config.h, however magically seems to be available in the code to use.