How to save data in mbed os?

Hi, is there a way to save data to file in mbed OS? I need to save configuration parameters for my application.

Hi cmigliore,

We are currently working on SD filesystem through SPI interface and successfully read/write data to file in SD memory. We do not dig in the local file system in OS 3.0 as we did in 2.0 but if it’s urgent you can use SPI interface to save file into SD card instead.

Hi, well SD card would be overkill, I need to save only some strings, an SD card + reader would raise the price of the device too much… isn’t there an easier way?

@cmigliore Would you like to use a flash abstraction API, to write/read your configuration parameters? There are plans for config store but I can’t provide an estimation for this feature.

@Kojto it would be a really good solution, looking forward to this feature to be implemented

could you use an eeprom???

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@olzeke51: pretty sure mbed OS doesn’t have that functionality built in, so it will depend on your board and supporting libraries. See (relates to mbed Classic, but probably the same here).

@cmigliore: Reading and writing flash takes a complex driver. My company does that sort of thing, with a driver called FlashFX Tera. We currently don’t have it ported to mbed, but definitely hit our contact button if you’d be interested. And I just finished a port of our reliable IoT filesystem to mbed OS (, so that might interest you as well.