How to send PPP escape sequence

Hi there,

We’ve been using mbed os 6.15.1 and a BG95-M3 for cellular. I have been battling against issues with getting multiple concurrent connections using AT, after a number of weeks scratching our heads we resorted to using PPP (not ideal for us but it works for now). However we still have need to send occasional At commands and get the responses back. According to the BG95 docs the escape sequence to command mode is to send “+++”, but no matter how I send this I cant seem to get back into command mode. So I have a few questions that I would really appreciate some guidance on, as I’m fairly certain I’m missing something but I’m at abit of a loss.

  1. I understand upon a PPP connection being established the use of AT commands is deactivated, so what is the best way to send the escape sequence, I’m currently using the AT Handler lib for the initial cellular setup, but sending the escape sequence using my handler instance doesn’t work.

  2. Once command mode is entered again, can I still use the same AT Handler instance I used for setup or does that get closed on PPP being established?

  3. I know its long shot without code/ logs being shared but if anyone has had similar experiences with mbed and concurrent connections with the BG95/ any member of Quectels BG modules and may have some insight, I would super appreciate it!

Many thanks in advance!