How to update a USBMSD view on the host when the target adds a file

I have a Portenta H7 target that successfully implements a USBMSD object with a FATFS file system for a QSPI flash block device. I can write files from the target, unfortunately I don’t see an update in Windows Explorer dynamically. The only way I know of to see the update is to reboot the target - obviously not ideal.

Is there a way to show updates dynamically? My implementation is pretty straightforward; after instantiating the USBMSD object it in a static constructor, I call process() in a loop. Doing this is only because I saw that in the USBMSD Mbed-OS API example code (though I can’t tell the difference with doing nothing at all).


I am not sure that the USBMSD API is designed for access to BlockDevice from both sides at the same time.

BR, Jan