HTTPS and TLS Session Resumption

Hi Folks,

I’m using the mbed-http library: to periodically establish an HTTPS session over a cell modem with a server, send some data and disconnect. This is working well, but uses quite a bit of cell data as the TLS negotiation has to occur on every connection.

I’d like to use TLS Session Resumption to save on data usage. I know I can use mbed-tls to do session resumption, however, I don’t see a way to do this while using mbed-http. Does anyone know how this might work?


Hi David,
Thank you for your question and happy New Year!

The tls-client example shows how to build a client on Mbed OS.
You can use this as reference, and add the sessoin resumption functionality, as demonstrated in ssl_client2 reference application.
Mbed TLS Support