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I am looking for a embedded display with ARM and compliance with EN50155 railway


We are an european systems integrator company which installs monitors and screens in vehicles such us ambulances, taxi, police cars, firefighter trucks etc…

We are in a public tender to refactor the cabin touch screens of the train driver.
The specifications are:

  • 12 inches
  • Touch screen
  • ARM based
  • DVI/HDMI and USB inputs
  • EN50155 compliance

This grade of monitors are new for us, so we don’t have a previous experience on it.
The tender notes that the supplier must be European manufacturer for a quick response and better quality controls.
We have perform a Google search and we have found the following monitor manufacturers:

  • Inelmatic ( They have a wide catalog and the custom options are huge to set the specifications according the requirements of the tender. EU manufacturer and good quality-price rate.
  • Assured systems. Based in UK with a wide catalog in electronics (I am not sure if they are manufacturers, for monitor customization etc…)
  • Impulse embedded. Also based in UK, but not sure if they are manufacturer or reseller.
  • Advantech. Wordwide leader in embedded monitors but not located in EU (is it true?)
  • Axiomtek (they are from Taiwan, not from EU :frowning: )

Does anyone experience with anyone of these brands/manufacturers? We will start to ask for a quote but we don’t know what brand to start with.

We will appreciate your advices. Thanks in advance.


Try searching for info and/or posting that question on There might be something already posted that is suitable and if not there are some good experts who might be able to help.

I know Renesas have some suitable ARM SoC’s which may do the job… making assumption based on this kit…

Thank you for your response Gerriko, I will investigate in this way.

Kind Regards