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i.MX RT1064 support

Hello! I saw that the i.MX RT1064-EVK is listed as an “Other Target” in the target list of Mbed Studio, but building with both Mbed OS 5 and 6 throws an error that this board is not compatible. The documentation about whether the RT1064 supports Mbed seems inconsistent, so has anyone gotten this board working?


I do not know why it is in visible Mbed Studio but I not found any record about this board or chip.

Only one board from this family seems to be supported - IMXRT1050-EVKB | Mbed
On the NXP web page for i.MX RT1064 EVK | NXP

is supported by Zephyr™ OS

BR, Jan

Strange that it would be included in Mbed Studio then. I’ll look into alternate development environments for this project.