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Is it posible to give a specific toolchain path for the auto generated .vscode _iar makefile?


I am trying to export a project to vscode_iar using the following cmd:

mbed export -i vscode_iar --profile debug

this cmd, generates successfully a vscode folder with the required vscode json files. However, the path to
IAR is not correctly set. I thought the path to IAR toolchain is exported from the global settings? i.e.:
IAR_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench x.x\arm ?
which is my IAR_path, but when I build the project in vscode the make file uses another version inmy case: Embedded Workbench y.y … am I missing something?

What I want is to set vscodes make to choose a specific IAR version, is it possible anyone with experience in this?

Thanks in advance